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Empowering Women, Promoting Change (Mozambique)


Titre : Empowering Women, Promoting Change (Mozambique)

Région /Pays : Mozambique

Dates : 2017-10-01 // 2018-09-30

AVSI have a multi-dimensional approach involving : strengthening the counseling center, training target groups (adults and traditional leaders) and finally, spreading basic preventative information to a wider audience.
The goal is to capitalize on the lessons learned while adding new tools such as the savings and loans groups, in order to create more effective actions with lasting impact. With this project, AVSI will strengthen and foster the relationship and collaboration with important local partners such as the Diocesan Caritas of Pemba, the Provincial Centre for Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Associação Médicos Tradicionais de Moçambique (AMETRAMO) and Radio Sem Fronteiras.
Working both through service supply (counseling center) and information (training and communication), this project will achieve results that are mutually reinforcing, thus triggering a virtuous circle.

Annonce par : AVSI-USA (Association of Volunteers in International Service, USA)

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