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Investing in Livelihood Opportunities for Rural Women in Northern Ghana


Common Fund for Commodities

Titre : Investing in Livelihood Opportunities for Rural Women in Northern Ghana

Code du projet : CFC/2015/07/0046

Pays bénéficiaire (s) : Ghana

Date : 2015

Submitting Institution  : Royal Danemac Ltd. Ghana

Royal Danemac Limited, a private company based in Kumasi, Ghana, was established in 2009. The company processes soya beans into soya meal and soya oil. Ghana has a huge demand for soybean products, both for the animal feed sector and for human consumption. Crude soya oil is also expected to be sold to the paint industry. Royal Danemac intends to produce edible oil for sale in local and international market. The company has installed a new processing plant and a new refinery plant. However, local supply of soybean is lower than the expected demand. The focus of this project is to increase local supply of soya bean, by a form of contract farming, working together with a French NGO, based in Tamale Northern Ghana, and their Starshea network of rural women. The project is expected to (i) Increase of women farmers growing soya from currently 7,000 to nearly 21,000 in 2022, thus tripling of the number of farmers, (ii) Additional income of USD 100/year/woman farmer, (iii) Positive effect of soybean cultivation on soil fertility and for the local diet if partly used for home consumption, and (iv) increase output of soya meal and soya oil for domestic market from about 3,096 MTs and 504 MTs in 2016 to 4,171 MTS and 679 MTs in 2023. Fair trade certification of the project is ongoing and will have, when obtained, also have a positive effect on the socio-economic situation of women and their communities. The increased domestic supply of soya meal will lead to larger production from the Ghana domestic processing industry. The company is in the process of optimizing its processing capacity. The CFC terms and conditions of the identified loan and contributions by co-financiers need to be further confirmed and concertized. The details are expected soon and will lead to finalization of the project.

Financement :
Coût total : USD 8,399,680
CFC Financing : USD 1,300,00

Common Fund for Commodities

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