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Northwest A&F University (2018)

Research on the Wetland Landscape Planning and Designing Arid Area


Titre : Research on the Wetland Landscape Planning and Designing Arid Area

Auteur : 贾利芳;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Northwest A&F University

Wetlands in arid areas play an important role in China.They are irreplaceable in processes like water conservation,storage of water resources,carbon and nitrogen cycling,climate regulation,and conservation of biodiversity.We are exploring and studying the evolution of wetland ecosystems in arid regions.Laws are of great significance to their ecological protection and human environment.The arid environment and the wetland environment are,in principle,an antagonistic relationship.The wetland landscape,as a unique landscape in arid regions,has its own vulnerability.How to scientifically and rationally use landscape ecology theory and garden aesthetics design methods,and on the basis of protecting and restoring the wetland ecosystem,plan and design an ecological system that can meet health,rich biodiversity,profound regional characteristics,etc.The integrated wetland landscape is an ideal target for the research of this topic.This article first studied the concept and connotation of rural wetlands in arid regions and related theories analyzed and summarized the characteristics,functions,and types of wetlands in arid regions in China.Secondly,through the analysis and study of related cases,the successful experience in the cases was summed up and the drought was summarized.The Guiding Ideology and Principles of Regional Wetland Landscape Planning in Rural Areas.Through the methods of literature induction,research and analysis,summary analysis,and practical demonstration,the planning and design practices of rural wetland landscapes in Pankou Village,Pingliang City,Gansu Province was studied and the following conclusions were obtained :(1)Due to the fragility of the ecosystem,the wetland landscape of rural areas in arid areas must pay attention to the protection and restoration of wetland ecosystems in the planning and design of wetland landscapes.At the same time,it must reflect the scientific ideas of ecological functions and biodiversity.(2)The planning and design of rural wetland landscape in arid areas is a kind of rural landscape planning.Under the premise of paying attention to the protection of the ecosystem,we must pay attention to the integration of the regional culture of the landscape and the culture of the village.(3)Due to the change of water level in the wetland landscape of arid areas,we must consider the plant drought tolerance ability,and their ability to resist saline and alkaline in the plant selection

Mots clés : arid area; rural wetland; landscape design; ecology;

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Page publiée le 6 octobre 2018