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Zagazig University (2012)

Effect of intercropping and Fertilization on Some Medicinal Plants

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel-Kader

Titre : Effect of intercropping and Fertilization on Some Medicinal Plants

Auteur : Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel-Kader

Université de soutenance : Zagazig University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2012

The present work aimed to study the effect of using different intercropping systems between roselle with guar, nitrogen fertilization rates and their interaction treatments on growth, yield components, anthocyanin and oil content (of roselle) and guaran production (of guar) and some chemical constituents as well as some competitive relationships [land equivalent ratio (LER), area time equivalent ratio (ATER), land utilization efficiency (LUE) and aggressivity (A)] of both crops. The used intercropping system treatments were sole crop of roselle and guar (control), (1 : 2), (1 : 3) and (2 : 4) of roselle and guar, respectively. whereas, the nitrogen fertilization rates were 0.00 (control), 18, 36 and 72 kg N / faddan, beside, each treatment of intercropping systems was combined with each rate of nitrogen fertilization to form 20 interaction treatments.The obtained results cleared that using intercropping system of one row of roselle with three rows of guar increased the values of growth characters, yield components, anthocyanin, oil, and guaran production of roselle and guar plants. Furthermore, the maximum increase in this respect was obtained from the treatment of full dose of nitrogen compared with the other ones under study. In addition, from studying competitive relationships, it was clear that, roselle and guar plants could be intercropped successfully under Sharkia Governorate conditions in order to maximize the land use efficiency. The highest LER, ATER and LUE values (1.26 and 1.18, 1.16 and 1.13 and 122% and 118%) were achieved by the interaction treatment between intercropping system of one row of roselle alternating with three rows of guar with full dose of nitrogen during both seasons, respectively. Generally, it could be obtained from one faddan, by using the intercropping system of 1:3 and nitrogen full dose of 72 kg N / faddan, the same yield which would required about 1.26 or 1.18 faddan if each crop cultivated alone.


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