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Passive Solar Heating for Rural Health Clinics


Titre : Passive Solar Heating for Rural Health Clinics

Pays : Chine

Focal Area : Climate Change

Approval Date : December 07, 2001

Executing Agency : Asian Development Bank
Implementing Agency : ADB

The proposed project will promote efficient utilization of agricultural waste products to improve the physical environment in the rural areas of the four provinces of Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Shanxi, and thereby reducing the emission of GHG, by
(i) increasing the biogas (energy) supply in remote areas in four provinces ;
(ii) reversing the trend of deterioration of the ecological environment ;
(iii) decreasing the consumption of biomass resources ;
(iv) improving air quality ;
(v) reducing the use of chemical fertilizers as they are gradually replaced by organic fertilizers from the biogas digesters ;
(vi) improving micronutrients in the soil profile ;
(vii) lowering household costs for energy.

GEF Grant : 6.400 US$m
Cofin Amount : 70.900 US$m
Project Cost : 77.300 US$m

GEF (Global Environment Facility)

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