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Projet de développement de l’élevage (Cameroun)


Titre : Projet de développement de l’élevage (Cameroun)

Numéro de projet : P154908

Date d’approbation : 27 octobre 2016
Date de clôture : 31 janvier 2023

Pays : Cameroun

The development objectives of Livestock Development Project for Cameroon are to improve productivity of selected livestock production systems and the commercialization of their products for the targeted beneficiaries, and to provide immediate and effective response in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency. This project has four components. 1) The first component, Improvement of livestock services access and delivery, aims to improve access to key livestock services for livestock producers, especially animal health services, improved genetic material and high quality inputs. It has the following subcomponents : (i) Access to Animal health services ; (ii) Access to high quality inputs ; (iii) Institutional support, capacity building and communication ; and (iv) Contingency emergency response. 2)The second component, Improvement of pastoral productivity, access to markets, and resilience of pastoral communities, aims to increase the contribution of pastoral areas to the domestic supply of meat (especially for urban markets) while upgrading livestock production systems (cattle, small ruminants, poultry) for poor and conflict-affected communities. It has the following subcomponents : (i) Support to animal production practices and the community based management of pastoral areas ; (ii) Support to commercialization and marketing of pastoral livestock products ; and (iii) Improving the resilience of poor and conflict-affected communities. 3) The third subcomponent, Support to livestock value chains development, will support development of pig, poultry, beef, goat, sheep, milk and honey production and value chains in target areas for a broader engagement of local entrepreneurs in the sector. It has the following subcomponents : (i) Establishment of Productive Partnership ; and (ii) Financing of Sub-Projects for Producer Organizations. 4) The fourth component, Project coordination

Montant total du projet : USD 134.15 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 23 août 2018