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Climate Resilient Agriculture and Productivity Enhancement Project (Chad)


Titre : Climate Resilient Agriculture and Productivity Enhancement Project (Chad)

Numéro de projet : P162956

Date d’approbation : 30 avril 2018
Date de clôture : 31 décembre 2023

Pays : Tchad

The project consists of four components, namely : (a) First component, Institutional support for sustainable agriculture development and climate resilience is designed to strengthen institutional capacities for agricultural research and development (AR&D) and climate change adaptation at national level. The component includes three sub-components : (i) Strengthening the agricultural research and development system ; (ii) Strengthening of national support services for sustainable agricultural development and climate resilience ; and (iii) Strengthening the framework for sectoral strategies and reforms preparation and monitoring ; (b) Second component, Supporting the adoption of demand-driven technologies and climate-smart agriculture will support the adoption of high productivity and climate resilient technologies and practices. It is divided into the following three sub-components : (i) Improving the efficiency of agricultural support services in the targeted areas ; (ii) Accelerating the adoption of improved technologies and innovations ;and (iii) Support to the implementation of Climate-Smart Agriculture Plans (CSA-Plans) ; (c) Third component, Contingency emergency response, will create a mechanism for financing emergency eligible expenses in case of a disaster event by including a ’zero-dollar" Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC) ; (d) Fourth component, Project management, coordination, M&E and knowledge management, will support : (i) coordination and management, including human resources, financial management (FM) and procurement ; (ii) monitoring and evaluation and technical studies ; (iii) knowledge management and communication ; (iv) safeguards and citizen engagement, including piloting an iterative beneficiary monitoring (IBM) system for obtaining feedback and informing on project implementation ; (v) establishing a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

Montant total du projet : USD 44.60 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 9 août 2018