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Integrated Risk Management in the Rural Agroindustrial System (Argentina)


Titre : Integrated Risk Management in the Rural Agroindustrial System (Argentina)

Numéro de projet : P162316

Date d’approbation : 24 mai 2018
Date de clôture : 31 décembre 2024

Pays : Argentine

The development objective of the Integrated Risk Management in the Rural Agroindustrial System Project for Argentina is to improve the management of agricultural risks by eligible beneficiaries and selected public institutions. The project comprises of four components. The first component, strengthening agro-climatic information systems consists of following sub-components : (i) development of tools and systems ; and (ii) institutional capacity development. The second component, agricultural risk mitigation investments will support vulnerable family farmers (and the agro-industrial sector as a whole) in mitigating agricultural risk through the preparation and implementation of regional (interprovincial) agricultural value chain risk strategies (AVCRSs) and provincial integrated agricultural sector risk management plans (PARMPs). It consists of following sub-components : (i) institutional strengthening for the integrated management of agricultural risk ; (ii) public investments ; and (iii) adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) technologies. The third component, agricultural emergency response financing and transfer of agro-climatic risks aims to improve the operation of the agricultural emergency system at the national and provincial levels to cover larger numbers of family farmers. The fourth component, project coordination, monitoring, and evaluation provides support to Ministry of Agroindustry (MAI), through General Directorate of Sectoral and Special Programs and Projects (DGPPSE), for : (i) project coordination and management ; (ii) monitoring, results evaluation, and assessment of project activities ; (iii) project fiduciary administration, internal controls, and audits ; (iv) project environmental and social risk and safeguard management ; (v) a citizen engagement mechanism and grievance redress mechanism ; and (vi) project-related studies

Montant total du projet : USD 187.50 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 2 septembre 2018