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Youth Livelihoods Development in Southern Iraq


Titre : Youth Livelihoods Development in Southern Iraq

Numéro de projet : P125102

Date d’approbation : 27 décembre 2010
Date de clôture : 31 mai 2015

Pays : Irak

The objective of the Youth Livelihoods Development in Southern Iraq Project for Iraq is to support 3,000 unemployed young people (aged 16 - 24), half ofthem young women, who have dropped out of school or are working in the informal sector in three governorates in Southern Iraq (Basra, Missan and Thiqar) to access opportunities for positive engagement and sustainable livelihoods through community development approaches. The restructuring involves a 17 month extension of the Grant’s closing date from September 30, 2013 until February 28, 2015. The extension is necessary in order to enable completion of project activities as a result of the delay at project inception. The project start date occurred later than anticipated due to in country project approval processes. The delay affected the launch of component one ‘youth livelihoods skills building’ for 3000 youth in 3 provinces, which now is operational. The recipient has prepared an action plan to ensure completion of project activities, and the project’s procurement plan has been updated accordingly

Montant total du projet : USD 2.73 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 16 juillet 2018