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Transport Corridors Project


Titre : Transport Corridors Project

Numéro de projet : P131550

Date d’approbation : 19 décembre 2013
Date de clôture : 31 décembre 2019

Pays : Irak

The objective of the Transport Corridors Project for Iraq is to improve road transport connectivity and safety on selected road sections along expressway one and the north-south transport corridor in the country. The project supports a combination of : (i) strategic infrastructure investments, (ii) institutional strengthening and capacity building, as well as (iii) skills and technology development. It comprises of the following components : 1) transport corridors improvements ; 2) institutional strengthening and capacity building in the road sector ; and 3) project management and monitoring. The first component consists of the sub-components of rehabilitation, maintenance and road safety improvement of select sections of expressway one road network ; design and construction of service lay-bys along specified sections of expressway one ; design and construction on a pilot basis of a fiber optic cable network along a particular section of expressway one ; engineering supervision for rehabilitation of expressway one ; engineering supervision for installation of fiber optic network for expressway one ; construction of the road between Girsheen and Suheila intersection of the north-south transport corridor ; and engineering supervision services for construction of the road between Girsheen and Suheila intersection. The second component pertains to supporting organizational and capacity improvement, organizational improvement of state-owned and Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH) controlled construction companies, and training of local contractors and consultants. The third component deals with technical assistance

Montant total du projet : USD 385.00 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 15 juillet 2018