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Towards socio-economic wellbeing and women empowerment in Upper Egypt (Hayat Kareema)


Titre : Towards socio-economic wellbeing and women empowerment in Upper Egypt (Hayat Kareema)

Pays : Egypte
Localisation : Upper Egypt (Hayat Kareema)

N° projet : EGY919

Dates : 27.04.2016 – 26.11.2018

The proposed Action responds to the objective to empower civil society to deliver sustainable, inclusive and effective socioeconomic interventions in Assiut and Beni Suef Governorates of Upper Egypt, two of the most deprived regions of the country.

The Action’s main purpose is to establish a grant scheme to finance the implementation of micro-projects through effective partnerships between grassroots CSOs, local authorities and the private sector. Specifically, the grant mechanism will focus on support to CSOs (as registered under law 84/2002) and agricultural cooperatives (as registered under law 122/1980). Both types of organizations have significant potential, especially when leveraging partnerships with public institutions and business, to deliver services, enhance productivity, enable market access and improve the socioeconomic situation of their constituents. However, presently their capacities are weak and in need of an intervention that provides them with additional funding, builds up administrative and technical skills, and improves the coherence of their activities with the needs of the target populations. These three priority areas are covered by the three components of the proposed Action.

The Action’s overall objective is to improve the socioeconomic well-being in the target communities in Beni Suef and Assiut.
Three specific objectives/outcomes will contribute to the Action’s overall objective : Oc.1 Civil society organizations (CSOs) are empowered to implement 130 community based socioeconomic micro-projects with specific focus on women empowerment. Oc.2 CSOs have better generic and technical capabilities to implement socioeconomic projects and to advocate for socioeconomic improvements. Oc.3 : Social accountability mechanisms are functional and ensure effective participation of youth groups and CSOs in local development processes.

Financement : European Commission ; CARE
Budget : EUR 3.157.895,09

Fiche projet : CARE Autriche

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