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Cairo University (2014)

Groundwater Potential in Manfalut District, Assuit Governorate, Egypt

Hend Samir Abdel Fattah Atta

Titre : Groundwater Potential in Manfalut District, Assuit Governorate, Egypt

إمكانات المياه الجوفيه في مركز منفلوط، محافظة أسيوط - مصر

Auteur : Hend Samir Abdel Fattah Atta

Université de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2014

Farmers from old lands have moved to the desert fringes to reclaim new lands. These areas need more groundwater abstraction for irrigation, which is believed to be affected quantitatively and qualitatively due to continuous pumping. The objectives of the study are : to assess groundwater potentiality of the aquifer in the study area by numerical simulation ; to identify the water quantity and to investigate the impact of extraction on the local drainage conditions (vertical drainage). Visual MODFLOW v.4.2 was used to enable forecasting the future trends in groundwater levels. The proposed scenarios showed that the drawdown increases with the increase of extraction. In general, the resulted drawdown is of small values that have no considerable effect on the level of groundwater in the neighboring old lands. The salinity of groundwater ranges from 256 to 2816 ppm with an average value of 972 ppm. Groundwater has a potable quality to the west of the Nile, while the neighboring western region is not suitable for drinking due to high salinity. The study area is not suffering from water logging. Nevertheless it will be protected in future due to possible role of vertical drainage of the pumping wells.

Mots clés : Groundwater, Manfalut, Assuit, Quality, MODFLOW, Aquifer

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