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National Energy Efficiency Programme : Phase 2

Arabie Saoudite

Titre : National Energy Efficiency Programme : Phase 2

Pays : Arabie Saoudite

Durée : January 2012 // December 2018

This is the second phase of a capacity development programme for the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology aimed at supporting the recently established Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre to achieve the Kingdom’s increasingly important goals for energy conservation. As Saudi Arabia continues to diversify its economy beyond oil exports, energy intensity of the economy has grown in key sectors like housing and buildings, consumer appliances, heavy industry, water and transport. With electricity in Saudi Arabia predominantly from oil-burning power facilities, and in order to conserve oil resources for the future generation, a key focus of the Government and industry leaders is to reduce the energy intensity growth through policy, management and technology measures

This project focuses on four major outcomes with the overall goal of capacity development for the new Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre : * 1) Energy Efficiency Policy and Regulations : design of the first Energy Conservation Law and related actions plans and regulations at national and local levels to achieve targets ; * 2) Energy Information System : design and establishment of a new national energy information system as a base of data on energy supply and demand, forecasting and monitoring/evaluation of targets. * 3) Capacity Development for Energy Efficiency Managers and Leaders : design and implementation of extensive training programmes for energy manager and leaders from public and private sectors focused on challenges and opportunities in key sectors like buildings, consumer appliances, heavy industry, transport, power supply and water ; * 4) Awareness Raising on Energy Conservation : design and implementation of nation-wide campaign on energy conservation aimed at enhancing energy consumption patterns and behavior for the public . To achieve all of its objectives as originally intended, this Project will most likely be extended and funds added to ensure all outcomes are reached.

Bureau projet : UNDP in Saudi Arabia
Partenaire exécution : Environment Water & Agriculture

Financement : Government Of Saudi Arabia
Budget : $71,082,212

Présentation : PNUD

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