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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2018)

Entomofauna of Egypt

Magdy Salem

Titre : Entomofauna of Egypt

Auteurs  : Magdy Salem
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2018-01-19
Pages : 680

Phytophagous insects are highly diverse and are generally feed on green plants and stored plant products, either as larvae or as adults or in both stages. They are either monophagous (use only one plant genus or species), oligophagous (use plants within a tribe or family) or Polyphagous (use plants within a plant family or families). Phytophagous insects are found in the majority of insect orders, and they are a subject of interest and importance for entomologists, especially those work in the field of plant protection, plant quarantine and for the growers of plants and farmers. This work is presented to be of benefit and serve entomologists and public as a reference for economic pests and their host plants in Egypt.

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