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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2018)

Development tourism in rural areas on example of Tajikistan

Nilufar Akdodova

Titre : Development tourism in rural areas on example of Tajikistan

A research about development tourism in rural areas oriented to European consumers on example of Tajikistan

Auteurs  : Nilufar Akdodova
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2018-04-25
Pages : 108

In the transit economy of the Republic of Tajikistan, the issues of the formation and development of rural tourism are timely in order to improve the social and economic conditions and overcome the economic recession in the country, especially in rural Tajikistan. About 74.3% of the population live in rural areas of the Republic of Tajikistan. The best tourist destinations, attractions especially in the republic, include national parks, reserves, mountains, lakes and cultural sites, most of which, as a rule. Nowadays the sphere of tourism in the world economy is a global business and this market is constantly expanding without ignoring any country of the world. The value of tourism to the national economy at the same time due to the advantages that it brings the subject to the successful development tourism in rural areas and, above all, the increase incomes and welfare of the population, the growth of jobs, not only in the industry itself, but also in related service industries.

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