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Assessment of Formal and Informal Governance in Yemen


Titre : Assessment of Formal and Informal Governance in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Durée : 01/05/2013 // 30/04/2014

This assessment’s key objectives are to conduct a political economy and drivers of change analysis of the informal and formal governance structures in Yemen and to explore the prospects for how best these two systems can work together. The findings and analysis of the study will help inform not only UNDP but also the Government of Yemen, relevant national stakeholders (including the Private Sector), the UNCT, and international partners in their planning, development of strategies, policy and assessments. This assessment will disaggregate the national level and the local levels of informal and formal governance recognizing the influence of informal governance structures on national politics, policy making, appointments and resource allocation processes.

Ministries of Planning ; Local Administration (including Local Councils) ; Representation from Parliament, Shoura Council and Juvenile Parliament ; Central Statistical Organization ; Social Fund for Development ; Public Works Project ; National Human Rights Observatory ; Yemen Centre for Studies and Research ; Key NGOs ; Academia Institutions ; Political Parties ; key Tribal Leaders ; Youth and Women Organizations ; Syndicates ; Media Institutions ; Development Partners ; Private Sector and United Nations Country Team (UNCT)

Financement (2013) : BCPR 30,000 $US ; UNDP 11,000 $US

Présentation : PNUD

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