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Noor Publishing (2018)

Bio- ecology of the Senegalese

Abdelmanan Elamin

Titre : Bio- ecology of the Senegalese

Auteur (s)  : Abdelmanan Elamin
Editeur  : Noor Publishing
Date de parution : 29.05.2018
Pages : 272

This book seeks to fulfill the need for information about the biology ecology and population dynamics of a harmful pest inflected a serious damage to cereal crops and pastures in Kordofan region of the Sudan. It presents the economic importance,the bio-ecology and population dynamics of the Senegalese grasshopper as such in the field. The book aimed at a wide level to investigate the bio-ecological factors that influence the Senegalese grasshopper populations and its distribution in Kordofan region of Western Sudan and specifically being set to examine life history of the Senegalese grasshopper under field conditions and assessment of its population density and structure. The author concluded that the Senegalese grasshopper is harmful pest cause damage annually ; its populations are subjected to large variations principally in response to weather conditions and variation of rainfall. Efforts have to be directed to the field management by launching of early surveys monitoring activities and raising the awareness of the farmers about grasshoppers’ species and their control besides improving the use of insecticides by defining the economic threshold level and saving the natural enemies

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