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Strengthening Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Somalia (GEWE)


Titre : Strengthening Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Somalia (GEWE)

Pays : Somalie

Durée : 2012 // 2019

This project updates the first GEWE Project (2012 – 2014) and builds on its achievements to address gender imbalances in Somali society and respond to the acute challenges faced by Somali women today. The project aims at strengthening women’s representation and participation in public decision-making processes rendering them more inclusive ; engaging community structures to transform negative traditions which limit women’s and girls’ rights ; and addressing challenges of limited capacity and insecurity all of which adversely affect women’s ability to voice out their concerns, put forward their agenda, negotiate their interests, claim their rightful space in society and enhance their access to resources and opportunities. The project will leverage on partnerships built with ministries of government, other governing institutions and CSOs to promote legal and policy reforms that eliminate structural barriers to gender equality and put in place policies to empower women and girls. To achieve these aims, the project will substantially contribute to four critical priorities identified through comprehensive consultations with the Somali Federal government (MoWHRD), Somaliland and Puntland government authorities as well as CSOs and gender equality advocates nation-wide. The priorities are : 1) women’s participation and representation in decision making and peace building ; 2) increasing economic opportunities for women ; 3) preventing and reducing SGBV and harmful traditional practices ; and 4) gender-responsive legal and policy frameworks.

Résultats attendus
The four key expected outputs of the project are as follows : • Increased participation and representation of women in politics, peace building and decision making ; • Increased economic opportunities for women ; • Measures implemented to prevent SGBV and reduce the prevalence of harmful traditional practices against women and girls ; especially FGM ; Women supported by appropriately designed, • Women supported by appropriately designed, Implemented and enforced legal and policy frameworks in line with CEDAW, the Maputo Protocol and Security Council

Partenaires : Ministry of Women & Human right & Development (MoWHRD), Somaliland Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MOLSA) Puntland Ministry of Women Development and family affairs (MOWDAFA) UNFPA UNSOM UN Women

Financement : PBF, DFID, UNDP (TRAC), DANIDA, NORWAY Budget (2016)  : USD 2,081,978

Présentation : PNUD

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