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Université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla (2017)

Etude des ressources hydriques de la region de Reggane

Cherqui. Mohammed et Omeur Ilyas

Titre : Etude des ressources hydriques de la region de Reggane

Auteur : Cherqui. Mohammed et Omeur Ilyas

Université de soutenance : Université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla

Grade : Master Académique Domaine : science de la terre de l’Univers 2017

The region of Reggane is part of Touat is in the Northern Sahara. She is characterised by a (hyperarid) dry and hot climate. The bowl of Reggane is constituted of sediments of lower Cretaceous age, which show on the surface widely in the region, these trainings contain an important tablecloth of continental intercalary, which constitutes main resource in water of the region The depth of the tablecloth varies between 2 and 50 m, the interpretation of the piézométrique card shows that flow becomes, in general northeast towards the Southwest, centres urban appearing on the card as zones of convergences, point out that the flow at the level of this part is strong has reason of the effect of boring of catchment which is mainly located in the zones of concentration of catchment by boring and foggaras. The hydrochemical study performed on the tablecloth of Continental Intercalary of the region of Reggane shows that they are not potable and introduce a high mineralization, this is due to the geological nature of trainings, with a predominance of loamy fields and of passages gypseux, on one hand, and in the phenomena of intense evaporation on the other hand, notably at the level of Sebkhas. Calculation of S.A.R confirmed that waters of the studied sector are very good for irrigation.

Mots clés : Reggane Continental Intercalary, piezometric potability irrigation


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