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Middle East Technical University (2012)

Revision of Vicia L. (Leguminosae) in the Central Anatolia, Turkey

Binzat, Okan Kaan.

Titre : Revision of Vicia L. (Leguminosae) in the Central Anatolia, Turkey

Auteur : Binzat, Okan Kaan.

Université de soutenance : Middle East Technical University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2012

In this revisional study based on the the genus Vicia in Central Anatolia large quantities of data have been compilled from specimens representing the group of the taxa being studied. These data were then synthesized to make taxon descriptions, keys, geographical distributions and ecological preferences. Since 2009, about 700 specimens have been collected from Central Anatolia and examined as the research materials. In addition, a large number of specimens have also been studied in the following herbaria ANK, GAZI, MUĞ, HUB and E. According to the Flora of Turkey (Davis 1985), there were 16 species found in Central Anatolia. But this study has shown that genus Vicia covers 22 species (V. noeana, V. anatolica, V. pannonica, V. hybrida, V. sericocarpa, V. narbonensis, V. galilaea, V. ervilia, V. caesarea, V. cracca, V. villosa, V. monantha, V. canescens, V. cappadocica, V. articulata, V. cassubica, V.peregrina, V. truncatula, V. grandiflora, V. lathyroides, V. cuspidata, V sativa) in this region. v Some morphological characters were used to understand whether they have a diagnostic value or not. These characters, which include habit, leaf, stem, inflorescence, calyx, corolla and style properties, were compared at infrageneric level and species level. Systematic value of pollen micromorphology, trichome micromorphology and petal epidermal micromorphology of Vicia in Central Anatolia were observed. Pollen grains equatorial view, polar view and exine ornamentations, trichome types of calyces and leaves can be useful for separating the species in sectional level. Geographical and ecological distributions maps were updated. In addition to this, the conservation status of the genus Vicia in Cental Anatolia was reassessed at regional level. The threat categories include 2 taxa DD, 1 taxon CR, 7 taxa EN, 1 taxon VU, 1 taxon NT and 14 taxa LC. The main threat categories for this genus are identified as overgrazing, constructions, land clearing and urbanizations. The infrageneric delimitations were performed by the use of multivariate analysis. Identification keys for sections and species were also given. Synonym, species updated descriptions, phenology, habitat, distribution in Central Anatolia, distribution in Turkey and general distribution, phytogeograpy, endemism, specimen citations photographs of species and distribution maps were also indicated

Mots clés : Leguminosae, Vicia, revision, morphology, palynology, anatomy, Central Anatolia, Turkey.


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