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Middle East Technical University (2010)

Taxonomic studies on the genus salvia l. (labiatae) in central anatolia, Turkey

Bagherpour, Safı.

Titre : Taxonomic studies on the genus salvia l. (labiatae) in central anatolia, Turkey

Auteur : Bagherpour, Safı.

Université de soutenance : Middle East Technical University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2010

This research study is a revision of the genus Salvia (Labiatae) in Central Anatolia. The author has carried out extensive research studies conducted in a 3 year period starting from June 2005 by collecting specimens from all the localities in Central Anatolia, Turkey. Specimens collected from Turkey by the other researchers and kept either in Turkey or abroad were also examined. The samples were studied using their root, stem and leaf morphology including essential characteristics of flowers. Using this information dendograms were obtained and taxa cut off lines were drawn. The cross sectional preparations of stem and leaf were observed for taxonomical evaluation. Salvia taxa leaf surface, flower organs and seed surface were studied for understanding the diagnostic value of their micro morphological characteristics. Anatomical sections of the specimens were analyzed under light microscope and the data was used for further taxa separations. The Salvia species were further investigated for their pollen characteristics such as surface view and dimensions. Numeric taxonomic methods were used for constructing a natural infrageneric grouping in the genus as far as the species allows. Using software and computer grouping each sample was ranked and placed into specific taxa. First the samples were identified by using the species key given in Turkish Flora. According to the Turkish Flora there were two ways to identify samples. One way based on the stamen features and the other based on the leaves and flowers. For nomenclatural reasons the specimens were cross checked with the existing type specimens known from Turkey and kept in some international herbaria. This thesis is formed by two sections. The first section is comprised of introduction, materials and methods and basic findings. Basic finding are the result of morphological, anatomical, palynological and ecological investigations. In the second section of the thesis, a revision of Salvia in Central Anatolia, Turkey is given. This includes results of numeric studies and infrageneric grouping. Soil types and habitat characteristics were also studied. Soil samples were taken from the various locations and analyzed for their content. The populations were revisited to determine the sustainability and vulnerability of each taxon. IUCN threat categories were determined based on habitat information and species limitations. The phenological data and relevant field observations were all recorded. In Central Anatolia 43 Salvia species were found. Among the specimens collected from the area one taxon was re-discovered after 116 years.

Mots clés : Labiatae, Salvia, Revision, Turkey.


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