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Universität Hamburg (2018)

Sustainable Regeneration of Urban Green Areas in Egypt’s Desert Cities

Moursy Hussein, Mahmoud

Titre : Sustainable Regeneration of Urban Green Areas in Egypt’s Desert Cities


Auteur : Moursy Hussein, Mahmoud

Université de soutenance : Universität Hamburg

Grade : Master of Science in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning 2018

Desert urbanization in Egypt has been going on over 40 years by establishing generations of new desert town. Urban green areas are essential for well-functioning and the livability of those towns. They play a recreational role in everyday life, contribute to the cultural identity, help to maintain and to improve the environmental quality. However, Egypt now is at the threshold of the water crisis and the arid environment of desert cities does not support the existence of greening activities. The existing employed planning and design approach of urban green spaces considering the non-sustainable use of water resources and the lack of water reuse strategies can be severely detrimental to the environment and human population. Green space elements ranging from larger woodlands and public parks to private gardens, golf courses, and green roofs, should be integrated with sustainable strategies such as stormwater management, wastewater & greywater reuse, in order to overcome the raising urban and environmental challenges. Simultaneously, to offer a solution to the chronic technical problems of wastewater management in remote desert cities This study aims to analyze and investigate current characteristics of planning and management of green areas in Egypt’s new desert city, assessing the challenges and shading the light on the potential of adopting green infrastructure strategies ; identify the areas of deficiency and develop a comprehensive vision and optimized scheme for the development of green area in new desert cities.


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