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Université de Liège (2018)

Influence of biochar on nutrients dynamics in tropical soils of Burkina Faso

Rauw, Chloé

Titre : Influence of biochar on nutrients dynamics in tropical soils of Burkina Faso

Influence du biochar sur la dynamique des nutriments dans des sols tropicaux du Burkina Faso

Auteur : Rauw, Chloé

Université de soutenance : Université de Liège

Grade : Master en bioingénieur : sciences et technologies de l’environnement, à finalité spécialisée 2018

Agriculture is facing a major challenge in terms of fertilizer use whose efficiency is currently below 50%. Sustainable and more efficient alternatives to these fertilizers need to be found. In last decades, studies focusing on biochar reported improved soil properties particularly in highly weathered soils through modified physico-chemical characteristics. Recently, studies have demonstrated that biochar enhanced by organic or inorganic products prior its amendment to soils can serve as a slow-release fertilizer and improve nutrient cycling. This study focuses on the nutrients dynamics of biochar-based fertilizers and on their potential use as slow-release fertilizers. Biochar enhanced with fertilizers, urine and through co-composting have been compared through serial nutrients extractions to assess their potential as substitutes to conventional chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, the effect of the duration of biochar incorporation in soils and its impact on nutrients dynamics have been assessed through the study of biochar remained in tropical soils for 6 and 18 months. Results demonstrate that non-enhanced pristine biochar becomes rapidly depleted of nutrients whereas biochar enhanced by maceration in urine revealed improved nutrient cycling as far as potassium and magnesium are concerned. Biochar enhanced by maceration with a chemical fertilizer shows a good potential in terms of phosphorus release. Biochar is thus a good support for slow-release fertilizers when macerated in cow urine or enhanced by maceration with phosphorus fertilizers.


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