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Scholar’s Press (2018)

Backyard poultry marketing in Ethiopia

Awol Zeberga Kerbaga ; Berhanu Gebremedhen

Titre : Backyard poultry marketing in Ethiopia

Auteur (s)  : Awol Zeberga Kerbaga ; Berhanu Gebremedhen
Editeur  : Scholar’s Press
Date de parution : 2018-09-20
Pages : 152

The purpose of this study was to analyze the poultry marketing chain in Southern Ethiopia. The objectives of the study composed of analyses poultry marketing system and factors affecting farmers’ decision to participate in birds and egg supply to market. Marketing agents were identified with their respective roles, linkages and functions in the poultry marketing system. Marketing channels and their systematic linkages with their degree of importance were identified and mapped. Heckmans’ two stage model was employed to identify factors that determine farmers’ participation decision. Subsequently village collectors, urban assemblers and whole sellers played crucial roles in the marketing system. Strong oligopolistic behavior is observed in the study markets with 98 and 93 percent concentration ratio respectively due to the short and inconsistent supply of egg that inhibits new entrants to engage in the business. Live bird trading in Alaba market also shows modest oligopolistic behavior (59.7% concentration ratio) due to the involvement of whole sellers who transport their birds to terminal (Addis Ababa) market.

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