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Gum arabic : structure, properties, application and economics

Academic Press

Regulatory aspects of production and quality control. Geographically based differences in gum Arabic trees, production

Titre : Gum arabic : structure, properties, application and economics

Editor : Abdalbasit Mariod

Publisher Academic Press
Date de parution : 2018
Pages : 342

Gum Arabic : Structure, Properties, Application and Economics explores the management practices of gum Arabic producing trees and their environmental role, the characteristics and properties of the gum, and presents current and developing uses in food, feed, and medicinal applications. The book provides insight into regulatory aspects of production and quality control as well as underscoring some of the geographically based differences in gum Arabic trees, production, and regulation of products. Written by experts in the field, the book provides current research and developments in gum Arabic. It is an important resource for researchers in industry and academia interested in the advances in this area.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Agricultural, and economics 1. Acacia seyal gums in Sudan : Ecology and economic contribution Sara Saad Awad 2. Management practices of gum arabic-producing trees Zeinab M. Hammad 3. Valuation of environmental role of Acacia senegal tree in the Gum Belt of Kordofan and Blue Nile Sectors, Sudan Mohamed El Nour Taha 4. Impact of vegetation cover changes on gum arabic production Sara Awadalkarim Ahmed 5. Gum arabic : Certification and assessment of marketing opportunities Hagir Mahagoub Mahagoub El Nasri Mohammed
Part 2. Chemistry, food and feed applications 6. Chemical properties of gum Arabic Abdalbasit Adam Mariod 7. Physical and electro properties of gum Arabic Abdelrahman Badawi 8. New trends in gum arabic methods of analysis Elhadi Mohamed Ibrahim 9. Thermal characteristics of Acacia gums from Gummiferea B.I. Beelly Osman 10. Processing of a highly-purified grade of gum arabic from gum dust Nawal Abdel-Gayoum Abdel-Rahman 11. Processing and modification of gum arabic in specific applications Olatunji Ololade 12. Enhancement of color stability in foods by gum arabic Abdalbasit Adam Mario D 13. Gum arabic as a thickener and stabilizing agent in dairy products Abdelmoneim Elhadi Sulieman 14. Effect of gum arabic (prebiotic) on physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of yoghurt (probiotic) Mohamed Abubakar Talib 15. Extending cloud stability of Tamarindus indica l. Juice using sodium alginate and gum arabic during storage in the refrigerator Mohamed Abubakar Talib
Part 3. Medical and health uses 16. Health benefits of gum Arabic and medical use Abdelkareem Ahmed 17. Gum arabic beneficial effects, clinical applications and future prospective Lamis Abdel Gadir Kaddam, Imad FadlElmula and Amal Mahmoud Saeed 18. Use of acacia gum in the treatment of skin lesions of two children with kwashiorkor Insaf Abdelkarim Elhag Ali 19. Extraction and utilization of Sudanese Acacia seeds oil in Biodiesel preparation M. A. Hamed 20. Gum arabic dietary fiber Abdalbasit Adam Mariod 21. Gum arabic and kidney failure : An exceptional panacea Isam Mohamed ELAmin Abu Zeid 22. Gum arabic as dietary animal feed additives Abdelaziz Ahmed Fadlelmoula 23. Applications of gum arabic in medical and health benefits Noura Karamalla Mohamed Salih Karamalla 24. Functional properties of gum arabic Abdalbasit Adam Mariod 25. Effect of gum arabic on the fecal bacterial mass on healthy human volunteers Rasheeda Hamid Hamid Ahmed 26. Gastroprotective activity of gum arabic Suzy Munir Salama


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