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King Abdulaziz University (2017)

Evaluation of some pastoral plant species in Khulais Governorate

Al Harbi, Abdali Ali

Titre : Evaluation of some pastoral plant species in Khulais Governorate

تقييم بعض الأنواع النباتية الرعوية بمحافظة خليص

Auteur : Al Harbi, Abdali Ali

Université de soutenance : King Abdulaziz University

Grade : Master Thesis 1439 AH 2017 AD

This study was carried out in the National Park at Khulais Province , Makkah Area to in order to assess vegetation cover in the area, estimate feed value and investigate genetic variability using RAPD Markers. The study was consisted of three phases ; phase one include tree and shrubs vegetation cover analysis using field surveys. Phase two composed of chemical analysis and feed values analysis of selected forage value trees, while phase three investigated genetic variability among some vegetation plants in the area using RAPD Markers. The study revealed a high diversity on species composition in the area according to Simpson’s diversity index (80%). Acacia tortilis and Acacia Hamulosa accounted for higher abundance, density and frequency, while Calotropis procera with least frequency and Commiphora myrrha, Commiphora kataf with rare consistancy. Oxystelma shrub showed higher abundance, density and consistency, while Leptadenia pyrotechnica with rare consistency. Higher association was observed between Acacia tortilis and Acacia hamulosa. The results also, showed high variability in chemical properties and feed value among different species studied including protein, fiber and lignin. Maerua grassifolia obtained best feed value. The results also, revealed a wide genetic variability among studied species. This study concluded that despite low vegetation cover in the area, it is diversified and with high genetic variability and high feed value. This highlight the importance of designing plans for utilization and conservation of this area.


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