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Tanta University (2018)

Evaluation of Some Soil Physical Degradation Factors in Behieg Area-West Alexandria-Egypt

Elhayes, Sally Adel Yassin Elsayed

Titre : Evaluation of Some Soil Physical Degradation Factors in Behieg Area-West Alexandria-Egypt

Auteur : Elhayes, Sally Adel Yassin Elsayed.

Etablissement de soutenance : Tanta University

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Science 2018

Soil degradation is a major problem in many world regions, especially,arid and semi-arid regions,caused due to the bad management of the soil. The objective of this study is to monitor qualitatively some deterioration problems such as water logging,salinization and compaction using the data and methods available for assessing degradation in the western Mediterranean coastal zone of Egypt at Bahieg region. To achieve this object, a landforms map for every studied parameter was drawn using GIS and RS which representing five units that were(low terraces, low terraces with sand sheet, moderately terraces,rocky terraces and rocky ridge)in addition, urban area. Sixteen soil profiles over all the studied area were selected. Soil samples from each profile were taken to determine of some soil physical properties(bulk density, penetration resistance, structural stability index, water table level and hydraulic conductivity)and analysis of some chemical properties(EC, pH, and ESP)to quantify soil physical and chemical degradation risk in the studied area. The first four units were studied. The results indicated significant negative relationship between soil productivity and each of EC, ESP, SI and PR. One the contrary, soil productivity displayed significant positive relationship with soil depth. The soil degradation risk assessment model was used and found that Bahieg area had high physical and chemical degradation risks. The scheme of environmental sensitivity to desertification was applied and concluded that Bahieg area is characterized by areas already highly degraded causing water logging, salinity and compaction. Design, execution and maintainace of open or tile drainage for avoiding water logging problem. For reducing the problem of soil compaction, deep tillage of the soil should be done. To prevent the problem of salinity, salts leaching programs should be done. Also, properly agricultural practices should be followed by adding organic matter for improving soil structure, application of modern irrigation systems and strategic plan for scheduling of irrigation water.

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