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University of Joensuu (2003)

The diffusion of modern technologies in Namibia

Matengu, Kenneth Kamwi

Titre : The diffusion of modern technologies in Namibia

Auteur : Matengu, Kenneth Kamwi

Université de soutenance : University of Joensuu

Grade : Licenciate thesis 2003

Chapter 1 provides an introductory discussion on the issues of the impacts of modern technologies. In addition to defining the concept of Information Society and other terminologies and concepts used in this dissertation, I also outline the purpose of the study. The concept of Information Society is used interchangeably with Knowledgebased economy. Chapter 2 discusses Namibia as a country in transition and outlines its demographic, political, cultural and economic features. An overview of the Countryís regional development policy is briefly investigated. Chapter 3 presents the research problem and reviews existing theories. Research methodology and fieldwork arrangements are outlined. Chapter 4 describes a framework under which an Information Society is produced and its subsequent implications, i.e. the digital divide. An assessment of how Namibia might be transforming into an Information Society is presented through eight case studies in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 concludes by focusing on the discussions and describes a number of future research questions. Policy implications are also emphasised.

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