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Sfax Sea Water Desalination Plant Construction Project


Titre : Sfax Sea Water Desalination Plant Construction Project

Contributing to a solution to the water shortage in a major metropolitan area with the second largest city in Tunisia through the construction of seawater desalination facilities

Pays : Tunisie

Localisation : Sfax

Date d’approbation : 2017/07/14

Contexte : The Sfax metropolitan area has a population of approximately 600,000 people, most of which live in Sfax, the second city of Tunisia, but a water shortage began this year due to scarce water sources, a reliance on other regions for the majority of the water supply, and population that has been growing in recent years. By 2030, the gap between supply and demand is expected to reach approximately 150,000 cubic meters per day. Therefore, the development of water resources through seawater desalination for a stable supply of water in the Sfax metropolitan area is a priority. Since the project will lead to a stable supply of high-quality water to the Sfax metropolitan area, it is expected that the project will improve the living environment and contribute to economic development and social stability there.

The project will construct a new seawater desalination facility (water production volume : 100,000 cubic meters/day) in Sfax in central Tunisia with the aims of strengthening the water supply capacity and improving the water quality in the Sfax metropolitan area. The loan funds will be allocated to the construction of seawater desalination facilities, the procurement and installation of water transportation pipes, and consultation services (including bidding assistance and construction supervision).

Organisme d’exécution : National Water Distribution Utility

Montant du prêt : 36,676 Amount (million yen)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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