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Hovejove plant (endemic of Sarabe-koryan-Kermanshah) Iran


Titre : Hovejove plant (endemic of Sarabe-koryan-Kermanshah) Iran

Pays : Iran

Numéro projet : IRA/SGP/OP5/Y8/CORE/LD/2018

Domaine : Land Degradation

Durée : 8/2018 — 2/2020


Local plants in Zagros area have been a source of medicinal usages for thousands of years by locals. Saving the natural environment and whatever lives on it is the main aim of this work. The women micro-credit group that was formed under SGP project in Sarab Kerian and its network will engage the locals further to work on local plants to help with land degradation and also link livelihoods to preservation of local plant types and protect the environment. Hove Jove is one of these plants which will be studied scientifically. The project will work on branding it for usage in burning cases. Bringing scientific knowhow and the traditional knowledge is a portion of this project. Sustainable usage of medicinal and local plants for medicinal and livelihoods needs to be a major part of the work with awareness raising and sustainable usage guidelines and clips. The methodology and the local know how gained and the work done will be shared with other parts of Zagros.

Grant Amount : GEF (SGP) : US$ 18,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 5,000.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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