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Kaz Mountain Knowledge Management Database Turkey


Titre : Kaz Mountain Knowledge Management Database Turkey

Pays : Turquie

Numéro projet : TUR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/BD/18/11

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 10/2018 — 5/2020

Bénéficiaire : Project House Production, Education, Management and Environmental Protection

CSOs and other civil initiatives in Turkey are not able to reach detailed information of previously implemented projects and outputs of related activities at the same geoprahic region or localities. The expertise and experience gathered in earlier projects are not well documented and lack of communication cause duplication in project implementations. This means the loss of national and international resources and being unable to protect valuable information obtained through regional and national projects. Kaz Mountains and Edremit Gulf Traditional Production Landscape which is one of the focus areas of SGP is also affected by this lack of ?archival memory ? and track keeping. With the proposed project, the sources acquired through terrestrial and marine conservation projects, CSO/civil initiative based conservation activities, related academic outputs, the projects of public institutions, outputs of completed local projects in Kaz Mountains and Edremit Gulf since 2000 will be brought together, scanned thoroughly and an information base will be created for the use and reference of projects and conservation activities to be implemented in the future. This online database will help increase CSOs ? effectiveness by providing information on past achievements and lessons learnt in the region, a track record CSOs most need in order to improve their functioning. Upon the completion of the project, the created online infrastructure will be used in other regions of Turkey with similar objectives. Proje Evi Cooperative initiated the baseline of an online community for environmental conservation and nature protection through the grant provide by the EU Programme ?Sivil D ???n ? in 2017. The online platform called ?e-patika ? will be a very important support during the implementation of the proposed project. Furthermore, two active and respectable local CSOs ? participation to the project ?s implementation will bring an important support not only to reach other local CSOs and capturing their environmetal history records but also to ensure that a permanent CSO network is sustained in the region.

Grant Amount : GEF (SGP) : US$ 20,000.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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