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Rehabilitation 2013/2014 forest Fire (Libya)


Programme de Petites Initiatives (PPI) pour les Organisations de la Société Civile (OSC) d’Afrique du Nord

Titre : Rehabilitation 2013/2014 forest Fire (Libya)

Région/ Pays : Libye

Appel : PPI-OSCAN 2 (2018-2021)

The approximate area of the site is 301 hectares. The area is a natural outlet for the urban population of the surrounding villages. It has many different agricultural activities, livestock activities, and complexes. The population is spread in densely populated communities with an estimated population of about 4000 people. This region contained wild plants such as Pinus halepensis and Ceratonia siliqua, short bushes (grazing), shrubopterium spinosum, Globularia alypum, and Cistus. The inhabitants of the project are considered low income standred and work in agriculture, pasture as a primary source of income and some traditional industries.

Porteur du projet : New Libya

Budget total : 70.598€
Subvention PPI-OSCAN : 29.651€


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