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Michigan State University (1986)

A systems approach to pastoral production in Senegal

Diop, Mamadou

Titre : A systems approach to pastoral production in Senegal

Auteur : Diop, Mamadou

Etablissement de soutenance : Michigan State University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1986

Pastoral production is the major livestock production system in Senegal. However, with the complexity of this type of system, the use of systems modeling and simulation can be great help in designing and choosing a policy option. The systems approach methodology is used in this paper to analyze different hypothetical management strategies to improve the productive capacity of the system. In this process, a feasibility evaluation is conducted for the determination of the goals of the system and the needs to be satisfied in order to meet these objectives. The feasibility evaluation has led to the conception of an abstract model for the simulation of the system’s performances. The model comprises a forage and an animal components. The model is used to test the combination of three management options : increasing the forage availability and accessibility, increasing the offtake rate of the males and provision of feed supplement. The results of 10 years runs show that only a combination of the three options together will yield an outcome acceptable with the defined objectives for the system which were the maximization of the milk and liveweight offtake and the minimization of the deterioration of the rangeland


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