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Together for sustainable shores (Libya)


Programme de Petites Initiatives (PPI) pour les Organisations de la Société Civile (OSC) d’Afrique du Nord

Titre : Together for sustainable shores (Libya)

Région/ Pays : Libye

Appel : PPI-OSCAN 2 (2018-2021)

The area of the project (110) square kilometers of the coastal beaches to the east of the Capital Tripoli containing (6) marine ports. The project site is a group of selected ecosystems (50) km2 represented by coastal forests, sites with fragile biological diversity, monuments and tourist sites within and outside protected areas. Within these areas, we aimed to raise the level of knowledge about its importance, current status and update its biodata.

Porteur du projet : Libyan Marine Science Association

Budget total : 28.001€
Subvention PPI-OSCAN : 19.604€


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