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Ningxia University (2018)

The System Construct in Study and Evaluation on Drought Resistance of Five Paeonia Suffruticosa Andr. Cultivars


Titre : The System Construct in Study and Evaluation on Drought Resistance of Five Paeonia Suffruticosa Andr. Cultivars

Auteur : 马燕;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Ningxia University

Tree peony for oil is a species unique to China,with strong resistance and wide adaptability.It is suitable for cultivation in cold and arid regions in the north.With the value of viewing,medicinal,oil,etc.,it has broad prospects for popularization and application.At present,the research on oil peony mainly focuses on system classification,breeding of new varieties,breeding techniques,extraction methods of seed oil,analysis of nutrient composition of tree peony seeds and seed oil,etc.Currently,there are few reports on the study of drought resistance of oil tree peony.To promotes the planting of oil tree peony in arid and semi-arid regions,and promotes the sustainable development of oil tree peony,with"Fengdan",“Bingshanxuelian","Lanheqiming","Liuliguanzhu" and "Ruhuasiyu" as experimental materials,design two drought-related tests to study the drought resistance of 5 oil tree peony cultivars to build a drought evaluation system.Firstly,effect of different irrigation treatments on shoot growth index of five oil tree peony varietieswas to reveal the effect of different irrigation volume on the above-ground growth indicators of five oil tree peony cultivar at different growth stages.In different growth and development stages,the water requirement of different cultivars(OL/week,1.8L/week,3.6L/strain,5.4L/strain,7.8L/strain)was studied for five different oil tree peony growth indicators.And the impact of firm indicators.The results showed that:Under the conditions of this experiment(irrigation once/7d from April 30,2017 to September 3,2017,and three irrigations as one cycle):1、For growth indicators of oil tree peony,different irrigation levels have the greatest impact on the growth of shoots,and have the smallest impact on ground diameter growth,all of the growth indexes of T3 irrigation volume 5.4L/week reached the maximum ;2、In the indicator of oil tree peony seedlings,the fruit growth reached the maximum under T2 irrigation of 3.6 L/week,indicating that the water requirement of the tree peony for the oil was less than the shoot growth period ;under the same irrigation volume,the 100-grain weight of Fengdan was higher than that of other cultivars.Under different irrigation treatments,the 100-grain weight of Fengdan showed differences,and the grain weight of T2 irrigation was 3.6L/week and the maximum grain weight reached 33.75g ;3、The water demand of for different tree peony cultivars at the same growth and development stage was consistent ;the water demand of different tree peony cultivars during the fruit growth period was less than that of the new shoot growth period,showing consistency ;Feng Dan Grain weight is higher than other varieties under different irrigation volume,with high yield advantages,providing a theoretical basis for its large-scale promotion of planting.Secondly,the selection of drought resistance indices and comprehensive evaluation of drought resistance of five oil tree peony cultivars was conducted to screen out indicators that can identify the drought resistanceand compare the comprehensive drought resistance of five varieties of oil tree peony.To study the effects of persistent natural drought in fields on the water physiology,membrane permeability,permeability regulation substances,and chlorophyll content of five oil tree peony varieties on days 0,10,20,30,and 40.The indicators of drought resistance evaluation were analyzed and selected.The drought resistance evaluation system was constructed using principal component analysis and fuzzy membership function methods.1.The drought stress experiment of oil tree peony was used to selet the physiological indicators closely relate to drought resistance include leaf water content,leaf relative water content,relative conductivity and malondialdehyde content,free proline content soluble sugar and chlorophyll content.The comprehensive evaluation model for drought resistance of oil tree peony was constructed by analyzing and fuzzy membership functions as follow:F1=0.299X1+0.502X+0.029X3+0.384X4+0.434X5+0.388X6-0.414X7F2=0.533X+0.212X2+0.594X3-0.156X4+0.135X5-0.463X6+0.247X7F3=-0.247X1-0.111X2+0.554X3+0.686X4-0.316X5+0.145X6+0.167X7It was concluded that the main components of leaf drought,water content,relative conductivity and MDA content,free proline,soluble sugar content and chlorophyll content were closely related to drought resistance.2.According to the comprehensive evaluation model of drought resistance of oil tree peony,the drought resistance of the five tested varieties from strong to weak is:Bingshanxuelian>Fengdan>Liuliguanzhu>Lanheqiming>Ruhuasiyu.It was known that Bingshanxuelian,Fengdan,Bingshanxuelian,Liuliguanzhu are relatively more resistant to drought and have more value for promotion in arid and semi-arid regions

Mots clés : Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.; drought resistance; physiology; irrigation volume; growth index;

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