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Solid Waste reuse in Jericho governorate


Titre : Solid Waste reuse in Jericho governorate

Pays : Palestinian authority

Numéro projet : PAL/SGP/OP6/y3/CORE/CH/2018/14

Domaine : Chemicals

Durée : 8/2018 — 4/2019

Bénéficiaire : The Econmomic Social Development Center of Palestine

The main goal is to formulate practical solutions to better handle solid waste in Jericho, including transfer of waste to energy and the recovery of resources The project main activities are : 1- Form a steering committee for the project from the concerned authorities. 2- Conduct opening workshop to introduce and launch the project for the related ministries, communities and Non-Governmental Organizations. 3- Prepare Terms of Reference for the study of the reality of Solid waste recycling in the West Bank, agreement including the field of work, specifications, quantities and special and general conditions. 4- Contract with an accredited laboratory to take 18 samples from the landfill and follow up. 5- Analysis of energy and moisture content by laboratory. 6- Prepare and review the energy content analysis results report. 7- Prepare of engineering design for biogas. 8- Supply, Install and operate of the biological digestion and follow up. 9- Operate and control of biological digestion, gas generation and liquid fertilizer. 10- Test of biogas samples from the biogas digester. 11- Prepare of biogas analysis results report and compost organic fertilizer. 12-Review the energy content report. 13- Prepare and distribute brochure on bio-digester. 14- Conduct 4 awareness workshop for the local community on the Solid Waste Management, recycling and reuse. 15- Conduct final workshop to represent the project’s results.

Grant Amount : GEF (SGP) : US$ 37,000.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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