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One Village Transformed : Abei Cluster (Chad)


Titre : One Village Transformed : Abei Cluster (Chad)

Région /Pays : Tchad

Zone d’intervention :

Dates : 2012-07-01 // 2020-06-30

Working with leaders and community members, World Concern helps identify the specific needs of each village in the cluster and the community takes part in its own transformation. While each village is unique, some of the most critical needs include clean water and sanitation, access to education, food security, and livelihoods. The One Village Transformed program aims to equip the community to solve their own problems and develop without the aid of external factors by helping build their capacity. The first steps focus on community meetings, community empowerment and community goal-setting and action-planning.

Activités  : * Training and support in counter season agriculture * Counter season agriculture program among women * Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene program (WASH) * Primary school education.

Annonce par : World Concern

Financement :

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