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Mara One Village Transformed (OVT) Kenya


Titre : Mara One Village Transformed (OVT) Kenya

Région /Pays : Kenya

Dates : 2018-01-01 // 2020-12-31

This project will empower the community by building on the existing community capacities and helping people understand the causes of their vulnerabilities and develop strategies to address them. Empowered community groups will engage in holistic transformation. The villages will start implementing prepared community plans including disaster risk reduction. By the fourth to sixth year, the community would be expected to have capacity to improve its living standards by steering its vision and development goals in a sustainable manner. The project will start off by engaging the community through participatory processes and training community leaders on leadership to ensure community ownership and participation from the very beginning.

Activités  : This project therefore proposes a number of objectives : improved access to portable water and better sanitation for the villages and schools, improved affordable financial services, promotion of poultry production, environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction.

Annonce par : World Concern

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