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Diarrere Integrated Production and Market Development Project (Senegal)


Titre : Diarrere Integrated Production and Market Development Project (Senegal)

Région /Pays : Senegal

Zone d’intervention : Fatick

Dates : 2014-07-01 // 2019-07-01

Descriptif _ This is the first of Heifer Senegal’s projects. The five-year project aims at improving productivity through diversified livestock and field cropping initiatives. It will attempt to reconstitute the stock of improved breed animals and high quality rain-fed seeds and seedlings of selected forage and crop trees as well as provide technical support to enhance agricultural production and productivity. This will be done through improved capacities for environmentally sound resource management. The project targets the sub project holder GIE JALKI JEG in the village of Pethie Djeri situated in the Rural community of Diarrere in the region of Fatick. Initially the project will provide 85 reproductive age sheep (70 ewes and 10 rams.) to 35 families (2 ewes/family). The project will also initially provide 10 kilos of research quality seeds to 32 families. By the 5th year the project will pass on 2 animals of the same species to reach a total of 335 assisted families and 10 kilos of nationally certified seeds to 160 families and their 2,500 dependents. In total 515 animals (including replacements) and 1600 kilos of certified peanut seeds will be distributed through the life of the project.

Annonce par : Heifer International

Partenaire local : GIE Agritech - Jalki Jeg Group

Financement : Private donations

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