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Shandong Agricultural University (2018)

Ecological Adaptability Evaluation of Desert Restoration Plants and System Development


Titre : Ecological Adaptability Evaluation of Desert Restoration Plants and System Development

Auteur : 赵瑞;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Shandong Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
With the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment,the area of desertified land has increased year by year,which has seriously affected the sustainable development of society and economy.How to effectively curb the desert expansion and increase the green area has become an important issue for humanity in the 21 st century.The planting of plants is an important approach to the management of desertification.How to choose suitable plants according to local conditions is a key problem that should be solved in desert plants cultivation.Therefore,it is of theoretical significance for choosing suitable restoration plants to study the ecological adaptability difference of desert plants and to clarify the survival ability of different plants in different desert environment.The purpose of this paper is to construct indicators system and model for evaluating the ecological adaptability of desert restoration plants,and to design and implement an ecological adaptation assessment system.It provides theoretical basis and technical support for selecting suitable ecological restoration plants in different desert areas.On the basis of the data collection system of the Internet of Things in the vast desert,based on the unique environmental conditions of the desert and the characteristics of plant ecology,the evaluation index system of ecological adaptability of desert plants,the model of ecological adaptability and the evaluation system of ecological adaptability are carried out from the perspective of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.The research contents and research results are as follows :(1)Establishment of ecological adaptability evaluation indicators system for desert restoration plantsBased on the actual ecological environment of deserts in China,this paper studies the growth characteristics of plants in each desert region,and refers to the results of the plants evaluation of the ecological adaptability at home and abroad,and fully consults experts’ opinions.The evaluation indicators system is constructed from three aspects of plant growth,resistance and ecological benefit.The system includes 16 evaluation indicators,such as growth,root and crown ratio,leaf thickness,survival rate,regeneration capacity,cold resistance,drought resistance,barren resistance,salt-alkali resistance,high temperatureresistance,wind resistance and so on,and the quantitative methods of evaluation indicators are also given.(2)Study on comprehensive evaluation model for ecological adaptability of desert restoration plantsFirstly,the Analytic Hierarchy Process was used to determine the weight values of each evaluation indicator in the entire ecological adaptation evaluation system.

Mots clés : Ecological Adaptability; Indicators System; Evaluation Model; Evaluation System;

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