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Ningxia University (2018)

A Study on the Landscape Planning and Design of the Ningxia Desert Tourism


Titre : A Study on the Landscape Planning and Design of the Ningxia Desert Tourism

Auteur : 殷丽婷;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Ningxia University

Tourism landscape is an important factor to attract tourists.The more different landscape types are in a scenic area or adjacent scenic spots,the more travel activities can be carried out,which can avoid the monotonous sense of visitors.There are various types of tourism landscape,relatively large relative density,close proximity,coordination and convenience in spatial distribution,and rational distribution of functional areas,which is the best tourist landscape combination of a scenic area.The situation of tourism landscape combination is an important content of tourism resource evaluation.It is an important basis for tourism planning,especially the planning of tourist routes.The advantages and disadvantages of landscape environment affect the development of a regional environment and economy.The excellent landscape environment can bring the pleasure of the tourists to the view,and the tourism information dissemination.It will also benefit.Ningxia is located in the north-west inland area,located in the transition region of semi-arid to drought.There are "environmental contradictions complex" which coexist between oasis and desert.The natural desert scenery is a valuable resource for the development of tourism landscape in Ningxia area.It is the basis of the sustainable development of the desert tourism landscape and on the basis of natural landscape.Artificial landscapes and artificial landscapes are integrated into natural landscapes.This is the focus of current research on tourism landscape planning in Shapotou.Most of the complex surrounding environment is dealt with in the landscape and the urban landscape,and the desert landscape is unitary.It is urgent to solve the problem of the lack of resources and the integration of the landscape environment.The spatial structure of the artificial natural desert landscape is strongly influenced by the desert background,the selection and survival of the trees,the construction structure and the later maintenance are the main problems of the desert landscape planning and design.The desert landscape is influenced by the artificial interference,and its pattern has an obvious artificial function,and how to solve the sand dunes in the later desert.Moving forward to the internal destruction and maintenance of landscape environment makes Ningxia desert tourism landscape more artistic and diverse

Mots clés : desert tourism landscape; Ningxia; desert head; landscape planning; desert oasis;

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