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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2018)

Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Desert Steppe under Different Grazing Intensities


Titre : Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Desert Steppe under Different Grazing Intensities

Auteur : 王舒新;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Grassland ecological function has been severely affected,and its interference effect has been particularly significant in desert grasslands due to the excessive human disturbance to grassland in recent years.The effect of different grazing intensities on ecosystem service function in desert steppe has attracted the attention of researchers at home and abroad.This study estimate the value of the nine ecosystem service functions under different grazing intensities by using the above-ground vegetation indicators,soil composition indicators and the market value system in Stipa brevifloria steppe,and researches the total value of each ecosystem service function.The result has showed that:1.The aboveground biomass,vegetation coverage,species richness,and grassland net production show a significant decrease trend with the increase of stocking rate ;The soil bulk density of desert grassland in heavy grazing is higher than other grazing intensity significantly ;Whereas the soil total nitrogen of desert grassland in light grazing was higher than other grazing intensity significantly.2.In the function of nine ecosystem services in Stipa brevifloria steppe,the assessment of direct value along the control to the heavy grazing was 1,568.23yuan/hm 2·rr,1092.31 yuan/hm 2·rr,820.88 yuan/hm 2·rr and 184.28 yuan/hm 2·rr respectively ;and its indirect value was 28,642.79 yuan/hm 2·rr,30265.67 yuan/hm 2·rr,26545.7 yuan/hm 2·rr and 24693.036 yuan/hm 2·rr respectively ;the ratio of direct value to indirect value is 5.40%,3.60%,3.09%and 0.74%respectively.3.The value of the 8 ecosystem service functions through the evaluation of the value of nine ecosystem service functions showed a decreasing trend with increasing grazing intensity ;Grazing reduced the total value of the ecological services in desert steppe significantly,and they were 31804.87 yuan/hm 2·rr,32450.29 yuan/hm 2·rr,28187.46yuan/hm 2·rr and 25061.56 yuan/hm 2·rr respectively from the control to the heavy grazing

Mots clés : Grazing intensity; desert steppe; grassland ecosystem service; value assessment;

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