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Sustainable livelihood fund of Abolhassani nomads tribe (Iran)


Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment (CENESTA)

Titre : Sustainable livelihood fund of Abolhassani nomads tribe (Iran)

Pays : Iran
Localisation : Drazo-Zaman abad-Biarjomand-Semnan

Date/Durée : November 2009 – December 2013

As part of the ICCA initiative and the IUCN/CEESP partnership with GEF SGP, Iran is promoting the tribal fund registrations, right issues and livelihood initiatives working with the Abolhassani Tribe in partnership with Cenesta. The site is located near Zamanabad, one of the sites of Cheetah habitat in Touran. As the Abolhassani tribe has kept the traditional governance structure and also the distance between the summer and winter groundings is relatively short and only 80 kms, chances of success in territory management still exists.

* Abolhassani Nomads Tribe territory Management (ICCA) * Dealing with climate change effects and defining a life cycle for agriculture and pasture management * Livelihood activities and establishing a revolving fund * Increasing the number of tribe people benefiting from the agriculture/pasture life cycle * Rehabilitation of the Qanat


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