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Education programme, Tahoua district, Niger


Titre : Education programme, Tahoua district, Niger

Pays /Région : Niger
Localisation : Tahoua district

Durée : 2015-2017

Concern International is a humanitarian organisation with international offices in Ireland, Great Britain and the US and local teams in the twenty- five countries where it operates. Concern has been working in Niger since 2003. Concern is shifting its focus in Niger from building classrooms and facilities to improving teaching quality. Teaching materials are developed and teachers receive training to improve their teaching e.g. using video technology and mother tongue based education during the first school years. Concern encourages increased community and government involvement by setting up school management committees and by giving education inspectors guidance when carrying out their work. Together with schools, teachers and parents they formulate rules of conduct, in order to achieve a safe and egalitarian school environment.

Financement : The Turing Foundation is contributing a total of €150,000 (of which €50,000 in 2017). Furthermore, this contribution has been matched by another donor, doubling the amount.

Turing Foundation

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