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Strengthening two vocational training centers, Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Titre : Strengthening two vocational training centers, Burkina Faso

Pays /Région : Burkina Faso

Durée : 2018-2019

Since 1987, Tools to Work (TtoW) has been revising high-quality tools and machinery at its Dutch workshop, shipping them to developing countries, and provided training in revising and maintenance. In this way TtoW gives new entrepreneurs and vocational education in developing countries access to tools and machines. TtoW wants to improve the quality of two training centres in Burkina Faso by strengthening their management and organisation and providing materials. The foundation is reconditioning and supplying 117 sewing machines, 80 bicycles, two computers and an embroidery machine. Part of this supply is for vocational training, and the other for an intensive maintenance and reconditioning course. Both centres are developing a ’work and business services’ model to fine-tune the training course for the labour market and improve graduates’ chances of procuring employment. A tracking system is used to check whether the training actually provides graduates with suitable jobs. The centres are also developing a sustainability plan which will increase revenues by 50%.

Financement : The Turing Foundation is contributing €41,500 towards this project (of which, €11,500 in 2019).

Turing Foundation

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