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Regreening projects, Mopti to Segou, Mali


Titre : Regreening projects, Mopti to Segou, Mali

Pays /Région : Mali
Localisation : Mopti to Segou

Durée : 2015-2018

Tree Aid helps villagers in arid areas in Africa unlock the potential of trees to combat poverty and protect nature. Together with local conservation organisations, such as the Malian Association for the Conservation of Wildlife and the Environment (AMCFE), Tree Aid wants to work via subprojects in order to green a 400 km long corridor between Mopti and Segou. This subproject involves nearly 1,000 farmers in 15 villages in the municipalities Samine and Sakoiba. Farmers learn to manage their land better, which increases tree density per hectare and improves agricultural productivity and soil quality.

Financement : The Turing Foundation is contributing €125,000 towards this next phase in the green corridor in Mali (of which, €35,000 in 2018).

Turing Foundation

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