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Material for female vocational school, Bandiagara, Mali


Titre : Material for female vocational school, Bandiagara, Mali

Pays /Région : Mali
Localisation : Bandiagara

Durée : 2014-2015

Tools to Work revises quality goods in the Netherlands and passes on its knowledge so local communities can revise and maintain them themselves. In doing so, they provide tools and machines (computers, bicycles, sewing and knitting machines, and woodworking tools) for small businesses and vocational education centres in developing countries. Tools to Work will be providing 120 bicycles and 30 sewing machines and complementary tool sets for a female vocational school in Bandiagara (built with help of the Turing Foundation). The donation will allow 100 women to learn how to make and fix clothes and make a living that way. On top of that, 14 women will be trained to revise and maintain the machinery and tools, which will earn them money as well.

Financement : The Turing Foundation will contribute € 20,000 for revision and shipment of the bicycles and sewing machines, as well as for the local training.

Turing Foundation

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