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Protection of natural resources in Timbuktu, Mali


Titre : Protection of natural resources in Timbuktu, Mali

Pays /Région : Mali
Localisation : Timbuktu

Durée : 2009-2011

In ten villages in the Timbuktu region primarily women will be trained in organic market gardening and small livestock farming and in the use of wood-saving ovens. One hundred of the poorest women in these villages will receive a micro credit for 2 goats, 1 male and one female, and seed to grow fodder for the animals. Two hectares of forest will be planted per village. To accomplish this, the villagers are provided with seed, and they are trained in growing trees for their own use and for sale. The establishment of an agreement on protecting the environment between various local authorities forms the basis of this project (Conventions Locales). This is even a resolutive condition for receiving this grant.

Financement : The Turing Foundation supports the Malian organisation AMSS through the development organisation ICCO with € 106,000 (€ 30.000 in the final year 2011). AMSS collaborates with the Malian Turing partners OMAES, ALPHALOG and GRAT.

Turing Foundation

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