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Joint programme for gender equality and the empowerment of women in Algeria


Titre : Joint programme for gender equality and the empowerment of women in Algeria

Pays : Algérie

Dates : 5 Sep 2007 — 30 Jun 2013

Identification : 00067141

The JP aimed to support national efforts in the area of gender with particular emphasis on access to employment for rural women. The programme improved the quality of public information with data and gender-specific statistics and a series of studies which were undertaken to inform policy making on the issues affecting women’s access to the workplace. The Programme promoted training of public sector officials, media and civil society for the promotion of employment for rural women. Capacity building of national institutions and associations of civil society was achieved through training of gender focal points, followed by training on gender sensitive policy-making, such as a training workshop on GRB (gender responsive budgeting) which was created for executives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to launch help launch a pilot experience at local level, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. Training and awareness raising on gender was undertaken for over 100 journalists from print, radio, national TV and local press. In addition, a directory of resource persons working on gender in Algeria was put together, where 70 experts were identified and classified by region and Wilaya. NGOs’ capacity to advocate for working women’s image promotion and equity/equality values was enhanced through capacity building. In addition, the programme organized several forums to promote dialogue on gender issues between experts, media and civil society. An information and support center for rural women on micro-projects was established in Djelfa and Adrar. In addition, training of trainers and training activities on micro-projects took place. In Tamanrasset, 120 women infected with HIV received vocational training, an additional 52 received micro-credits to create income generating activities (IGA). This was replicated in Algiers and in Oran.

Financement : MDG Achievement Fund
Budget approuvé : 2,043,522 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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