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Ouan Community - Wells for Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Titre : Ouan Community - Wells for Burkina Faso

Pays : Burkina Faso

Date : Installed - Feb 2014

Project Type : Well Rehab
Program : Wells for Burkina Faso

When the team arrived, 300 families and several churches were dependent on various forms of surface water located a kilometer away from the community, an unprotected hand dug wells located 10 kilometers away from the community, tube wells located 9 kilometers away from the community and protected hand dug wells located 4 kilometers away from the community to meet all of their water needs. (Editor’s Note : While this many people may have access on any given day, realistically a single water source can only support a population of 350-500 people. To learn more, click here.) Because of this and the community’s practice of open defecation, families were suffering from diarrhea and severe dehydration among other preventable water related illnesses. The community has access to pit latrines and with sustained Hygiene Promotion couples with access to a safe water source the reduction of hygiene and water related illness will be reduced. Most residents are of Protestant or Catholic faith and were provided safe drinking water in the name of Jesus Christ. During the team’s stay, community members assembled a Self-Help Group and Women’s Health Group ; all who assisted the team with the water project whenever possible, supplied any materials they had available and guarded the team’s equipment during the night. A few other NGOs (P.I.G.E.F.E., PABSO and PNGT II) are also working in this area to assemble a drip irrigation project for gardeners, storage of shea butter nuts, and housing for school teachers. Before leaving the community, the team provided the Water Committee with a Living Water Burkina Faso contact number in case their well were to fall into disrepair, become subject to vandalism or theft.

Impact : 500 Served
Functionality Status : Under Community Care

Contributors : Grace Capital Church

The Water Project

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